Velcro 174043 1 2" Ranking TOP7 BLACK YDS 200 ROLL PER Electronics , Accessories Supplies,200,1/2",,BLACK,,$115,174043,Velcro,/monomeniscous621389.html,YDS,PER,ROLL, $115 Velcro 174043 1/2", BLACK, 200 YDS PER ROLL Electronics Accessories Supplies Electronics , Accessories Supplies,200,1/2",,BLACK,,$115,174043,Velcro,/monomeniscous621389.html,YDS,PER,ROLL, $115 Velcro 174043 1/2", BLACK, 200 YDS PER ROLL Electronics Accessories Supplies Velcro 174043 1 2" Ranking TOP7 BLACK YDS 200 ROLL PER

Velcro 174043 1 2

Velcro 174043 1/2", BLACK, 200 YDS PER ROLL


Velcro 174043 1/2", BLACK, 200 YDS PER ROLL

Product description

200 yard spool of VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP Tape. Reusable and flexible, patented VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP self-gripping fasteners are a unique back-to-back fastening system. VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP straps wrap around objects to be bundled or controlled, and then the remaining strap tip attaches back onto itself for a neat and secure closure without buckles or hardware. Operating temperature range: 0 to 220ºF.

Velcro 174043 1/2", BLACK, 200 YDS PER ROLL

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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