With,Premium,Peel,Aluminum,Foldable,Pizza,12”,rahgiry.ir,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$16,14,Oaken,x,/appropre365512.html,Handle, Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Handle 14 price Oaken x 12” $16 Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Oaken Handle, 12” x 14 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Handle 14 price Oaken x 12” $16 Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Oaken Handle, 12” x 14 Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining With,Premium,Peel,Aluminum,Foldable,Pizza,12”,rahgiry.ir,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$16,14,Oaken,x,/appropre365512.html,Handle,

Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Handle 14 price Oaken x 12” Max 88% OFF

Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Oaken Handle, 12” x 14


Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Oaken Handle, 12” x 14

Product description

Please install the handle before using, fixthe handle and pizza head with metal button, and rotate the metal buttonclockwise until it can not be rotated,

so as to avoid the instability of pizzapeel when using.

Sprinkle with flour, cornmeal or milledwheat bran, and then the pizza, bread and baked goods slide easily onto thepeel.

Rotate the metal knob counter-clockwisebefore storage, then rotate the handle 180 degrees for storage.

Do not soak or use abrasive scrubbers. Notdishwasher safe.

Slicing the pizza directly on the peel willdamage your knife blade or leave scratches on the peel.

Leaving the pizza peel for a long time inthe oven will burning out the wooden handle.

Premium Aluminum Pizza Peel With Foldable Oaken Handle, 12” x 14


  • Meal Types Ingredients

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